Ryan Carmelo Briones

mostly harmless

The Globalization of Thought August 01, 2013

This is the true gift my generation has bestowed upon you, people of Earth. My generation spawned blogs, then Facebook and Twitter, livestreams and hangouts. What is the result? Almost everything you say (think) is instantaneously disseminated to most of the other humans on this planet. The only limitations are the speed of light and eventual consistency1.

Thinking has been globalized.

Our worlds used to be shaped by the ideals of the people of our villages/towns or shaped by our exclusion from them. Ideas had to strong to survive outside of those bubbles. And, generally, we lived happily ever after.

Now any idiot with a rape threat or racial profile can disrupt the delicate balance of these virtual villages we’ve constructed for ourselves and crash villages into other villages violently. Our world is actually The World.

The next generations will probably make the highways of thought faster, wider and robust to take on more ideas.

Good luck out there.

[1] nerd joke.