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What I'm Listening To: Mumford & Sons "Sigh No More" March 13, 2011

Personally, when it comes to music, I’m more of a metal guy. I also dig some classic rock and mashup (mostly Girl Talk). But every once in a while, a really good record comes along that doesn’t really fit into my normal playlist and rocks my world. Mumford & Son’s “Sigh No More” definitely belongs in that category.

Really, two months ago I had no idea what Mumford & Sons even sounded like. Stephanie had placed “Sigh No More” (vinyl) on her Christmas Amazon wishlist, but I never really took the time to give them a good listen and find out what they were about. What made me finally listen to them was Rdio*. I had placed “Sigh No More” in my personal collection so that sometime (probably thinking never) when I was with Stephanie, we could listen to it together. Amazingly, that time actually came when we had to take a 24hr road trip to Florida. Looking through my collection, I realized “Oh, this is that time I’ve been waiting for” and we popped it on.

I instantly fell in love with this album. If there’s something that really strikes deep to the heart with me besides a brutal metal breakdown it’s some really good folk/bluegrass music. Besides being a generally well-crafted, folk-inspired album, a couple of things really stand out for me. First, Mumford & Son’s use of musical dynamics is expertly executed. At times a song will start out subtle and unassuming. Then, before you know it, it’s bursting with emotion and I am totally sucked in. Second is there timely use of the banjo. The banjo isn’t always an instrument in the forefront of Mumford & Son’s music. But those times when it peaks it’s head out through the other instruments and makes itself know, it’s perfect. It’s like banjo was exactly the thing I wanted to hear at that moment.

So if you are into folk-inspired indie music or just love a good emotional album to listen to, I think you’ll really enjoy “Sigh No More.” Definitely worth the money.

* Which means it’s serving the exact purpose I decided to pay for it! Friend me on Rdio!