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Stephanie on Etsy March 21, 2008

So I've been a little lazy about making this blog post. Ok, really lazy. I've been trying to convince my wife Stephanie for a long time to post her notecard crafts online and try to make a little money at it. We were almost there one time, but I failed at "e-commerce 101". Luckily, one of Stephanie's coworkers picked up the torch where I left off and had a much more adept convincing power.

Stephanie created a site on Esty a week or two before Valentines Day and since has put up some wicked cool notecards. I'm personally keen on the Repurposed Magazine Envelopes with Notecards. You can't pack that up in Hallmark!

So, if you've got a few extra dollars just burning a hole in your pocket, consider buying some notecards for you or one of your loved ones. Money well spent!