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another move October 24, 2007

Ahh, but this is a move of a more trivial nature. Thank the Lord we didn't have to move our worldly possessions once again. No, Stephanie and I have moved our bits and bytes to a greener pasture. GoDaddy was holding me back, and I didn't like it. I switched our website hosting to VPS, linode.com specifically, so that I could have more virtual freedom.

There's an odd irony here, though. The original reason that I wanted to move to a "free-er" web hosting service was that I wanted to switch to a blog software that fit my needs a better. My plan was to use Mephisto, a rails blogging engine, but I didn't like it's built-in "sections" and setting up to separate instances seemed...silly to me. A quick look a typo sent me running. So where did we end up? Blogger. Simple, and better yet, not having to be maintained by me. And here we are. I'm hoping that I continue to like it. I rarely remain satiated with software. Eventually I want to make a custom theme too, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Also, if you were subscribed via RSS, please update your readers to point to /atom.xml.