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GTD baby steps: What has helped me so far January 08, 2007

So, I have to admit. I'm not doing good on "next actions" in the "reading Getting Things Done" department. I've recently "procured" a copy of "Getting Things Done Fast", an 8 CD version of David Allen's work in a "conference" setting, which I think may help my process. (I love my iPod) Anyway, in the little GTD that I have read and soaked in, the one thing that has hit home is zeroing out of the collection boxes. I've been doing an awesome job of getting my email inboxes cleared out and a not bad job of getting all my "next actions" into my GTD Moleskine, even though my version, a daily todo list variant, isn't blessed by the master. But, I feel better. In one of the 43 folders "Productive Talk" series, David mentions that in reality, getting fully into the GTD system usually takes about 2 years (yikes!), but people most of the time see results very quickly. So, I'm excited. As soon as I feel more confident about my GTD-fu, I may blog more about how GTD works with people in a Technology roll that contains even a little bit of technical support and how I interpret the "two minute rule". Until then..