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an analog plugin for my digital life December 31, 2006

Some of you may know that have been trying to be on the GTD track for a little while now. No, I don't have a venereal disease, I've been trying to read, and live by, David Allen's "Getting Things Done". I'm not going to try to explain the contents other than it's quite a productivity mind opener. That coupled with subscribing to the 43 folders podcast this weekend, I've been in quite the "productive spirit" [1]. So, when we had some time to spend, and we were already planning on going to the Levee to eat some Deweys, I wanted to pick up a Moleskine, pronounced mole-a-skeen-a, for a project I've been wanting to do for a long time.

So Stephanie and I went to the B&N to pick one up. We did some other shopping, but as soon as we got home we turned on Moleskine hacking mode. We went to the internet to see if we could find a couple good Moleskine hacks to use as a guide and we somehow stumbled into an alternate, much nerdier, Moleskine universe. We were siked! We were also pretty sure I picked up the wrong Moleskine type to manage the way we wanted to. It was settled. A mere 45mins after getting back from a day of shopping we were back out on the road, this time to Borders, on a Moleskine hunt. Specifically for the Square-lined Pocket Notebook Moleskine....and we hit paydirt. After Borders we went to Wal-Mart to stock up on as much stuff as we could stuff in our mobile Moleskine offices. Mostly Post-It products. We stayed up until 1:30am "hacking" our Moleskines. We are such nerds. I took some pictures to show you what we did with mine.

I've also settled now scrapping the original, above linked, project and are going to go with a mixture of a GTD analog system along with Bill Westerman's popular "GSD" (the "s" in this acronym isn't a very nice word) system. I'll try to keep up with how things are going with it. Maybe I'll end up with my own super-hardcore better than everyone elses system system. I doubt it.

[1] "productive" meaning as much as those who know me know I can be.