Ryan Carmelo Briones

mostly harmless

the audacity of christmas gift ruining questions December 22, 2006

So Stephanie and I were in Sam's Club last night looking around at stuff, we had some Christmas bling to spend, and we weren't doing to well. As we're passing the book section, I said "Man, I really want to get 'The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream' by Barack Obama." The idea had come back to me as I have recently subscribed to Senator Obama's podcast. I really don't think I would have bought the book that night anyway, but Stephanie got this weird look on her face. I was thinking that it might be because I was talking about Senator Obama, so I shrugged it off, but then she kept making that face. "What?", I said. She says, with a big smile, "You don't want to get that book." Thats when the light in my head came on. When I told her what I was thinking she was a bit embarrassed that she let the secret go, but it was my fault. So, I got to open a Christmas present early. I'm very excited about reading this book. Senator Obama really intrigues me. Stephanie and I decided to read this book together, so we started last night. It looks really good. It's fresh and real. Once we finish it, or get to something particularly interesting, I'll be sure to tell. Until then, I'm going to see what other Christmas present I can ruin! :)