Ryan Carmelo Briones

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be sure YOUR congressmen's tubes are in order October 17, 2006

This is something that's kind of a big deal to me. You may have heard of "Net Neutrality" on the news lately and possibly in some of your local politicians TV and radio advertisements. This is something that you, as an internet consumer, should be aware of, and more particularly you should be aware of what your congressmen thinks about it. (Explainitory YouTube video included)

Basically our beloved telecommunications companies, yes the ones that do everything they can to screw you out of money you don't know you are spending, have decided that other companies like Google are making too much money using this "public" internet and pushing and overubundance of "tube clogging" data over the internet. So, what they've decided is a "fair" way to fix this problem is to create a second, FASTER internet that these companies can pay EXTRA for and limit the speed of their existing internet connections! Now our congressmen are getting involved in something that they will probably NEVER understand because BIG TELCO BUSINESS is lobbying them to creak unfair laws that force internet business into this tiered internet. This is bad for business and bad for consumers. Teired internet also has possible implications for businesses like the one I'm employeed at. But don't just listen to me. If you want to know more, do a google search for "net neutrality". There's tons out there. Read. Make your own opinion. But have an opinion and make sure you make it know by your vote in the upcoming elections. If that's not enough, watch some some funny video about it! :)