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Move to Kentucky September 22, 2006

Well. I guess a post about this has been a long time coming. I really wanted to be all "writer-like" and write some serialized posts on our journal from Georgia to Kentucky to really capture the details about our trip and what not. Such is life, I guess.

To start off, I'd really like to thank all the people who helped us and who gave us a really great send off.

  • Tiffany Meyers, a co-worker at Goodwill, who is always up for partying it seems! Luckily I was able to get away before being forced to sing karaoke that night! :)

  • The rest of the Goodwill staff who really had great things to say and we're very supportive the last month of my employment.

  • The wonderful people who allowed us to be a part of their Monday night bible study from Christ Community Church. You guys are like family to us and we will truely never forget you.

  • The Core Staff who helped us create some memorable experiences and took us in as one of their own at at time when we really needed it.

  • Last but not least, Sandy and Mark Ellingson who were always more that gracious to us and were instrumental in many aspects of this latest move.

This brings us to Thursday. Here are the highlights:

  • Budget doesn't assist in connecting the tow dolly due to liability purposes

  • Mark and I got 98% loaded by 11am! Yay! Unfortunatly I was on the virge of puking...

  • Picked up some lunch and dropped off cable box, noticed that one of wheels of my Rav4 was half way off the tow dolly. Yikes!

  • Drive through Atlanta to stop at IKEA and pick up our new bed. Got stuck on a blocked off, no outlet street. IKEA Didn't have the mattress we wanted. Atlanta traffic leaving. Sigh.

  • 30 miles south of Chattanooga, TN on I-75N: Passenger-side tow-dolly tire goes completely flat. Thank God for 24 road side assistance. Scorn the devil for Arbys.

  • Get to Chattanooga, TN. Sleep.

And then Friday's Highlights:

  • Wake up. Muscules want to die. Eat waffles. Mmmm.

  • Drive a really long time. Use a lot of gas.

  • 20 miles south of I-275, the interstate closest to our new apartment, on I-75N, blow SECOND tire on driver-side of tow-dolly. God, why?

  • 5:45pm, Arrive at Apartment. Run to get paperwork signed before office closes at 6pm.

  • Half of the truck unpacked, but only 25% of the work done.

  • Eat at Macaroni Grill. Free taramisu because our server sucked.

  • Put together bed until 1:30am. Go get some drinkage. Get to bed around 3:45am

Then Saturday's, the last day in our "move process":

  • Wake up. Muscules a bit better.

  • Finish unloading truck

  • Get new cell phones! I got a MOTO Q, Stephanie MOTO RAZR v3m. mmmm...

So, yeah. That pretty much explains most of it. I'm going to put up some pictures as soon as I can. You'll notice a couple new pictures uploaded from my MOTO Q below already. :) But we're here. We're starting to settle in. Amanda and Alex have been great hanging out with us and trying to help us get acclamated to the area. I found good pizza called Dewey's that's in the awesome place called Newport on the Levee. Come and visit!