Ryan Carmelo Briones

mostly harmless

there was nothing i could do August 26, 2006

A weird thing happened today while we were out getting lunch today at Burger King. We just picked up our order from the counter and I joined Stephanie who as getting ketchup. All the sudden this lady that was in line started screaming angrily so everyone in the area turned around a looked where a young male had fallen, and by the way the lady was screaming he had landed on her daughter. A million things were going on in the heads of 20 or 30 people standing around look at what had happened. The poor guy who had fallen was dumbstruck. He couldn't say a word, or maybe he chose not to say a word. At least that's what the lady thought. I was starting to think fell involuntarily, something I don't think she had even considered by the way she kept yelling at him inappropriately. She tried begged for the people in line with her to try and explain what had happened, but nobody would say a word. We decided to take our seats around the corner and very soon after the guy walked out.

This situation just really made Stephanie and I think for quite a while. Why didn't anybody else thing it was obvious that this guy fell involuntarily? In afterthought, it seemed pretty obvious to me by the way he was positioned when I looked at him for the first time coupled with his inability to communicate what happened to the mother. And secondly, why could anybody say what had happened? There had to be at least one person who saw everything, but everyone who was closest chose to remain silent. I wish I would have done something, even though I didn't have all the facts. :/