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2/2 is better than 1/1 August 26, 2006

Well, we're coming close to getting things ready. If you received a postcard from us that has our new mailing address, it's wrong. Not like, "Whoops, we put the wrong address on there" wrong. Wrong like we have a different apartment number. It's a crazy story, but the ending is that we are now in a 2/2 for $50 off for the first 5 months, as opposed to the 1/1 we WERE going to be in. How cool is that?

Most of you probably didn't notice that about 4 or 5 days after my first post I changed to a completely different system. Same theme, but different everything else. I started out using Typo built on Ruby on Rails, but it turns out even though I really wanted to be adventurous and hack at Typo, it's a little much to use at this point. So, I switch to the tried and true Wordpress on PHP to get the job done. Wordpress has always been easy to setup, but I got this up in going in like 10 minutes simple. I've been tweaking here and there and I think Stephanie got a little jealous. So, I got her one up to! She hasn't put anything there yet, but we'll put the word out as soon she does!

I guess I should get some sleep. I leave you with this: In the center of this image you'll notice two "high rise" buildings right near each other. This is the Covington Rivercenter. I will be working in the tower to the left, 3rd floor. Nice river view. :) Maybe next time I'll have something insightful to say.