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FYI: Programming is more than programming July 18, 2012

This post was originally going to be titled “Programming is not a craft”, but why link bait when you don’t have to? :D

I was inspired to write this when I read the phrase “programming is a craft, not a science or engineering” on someone else’s blog today. And for some reason at the time, I took offense to this. Really, the core of what he is trying to say is true, but I wanted to say it a different way.

There is a part of programming that is a science or an engineering discipline or a math or whatever. This is the part when we go and actually write code. When you’ve discovered that your problem fits a formula and you can no go and put together that formula in the form of source code and make stuff happen inside a computer.

But I have a secret. This is small part of what you do as a programmer.

That’s right. It’s not all sitting in a dark room with Jolt cola, with nine displays hacking hydras. It’s actually a lot discovery, creativity, art (maybe), craft and – wait for it – PEOPLE. It manifests itself in terms of source code and formulas (patterns, tee hee) but that’s usually only after you’ve done all that other stuff.

Sure, you can also get away with just being the “programmer guy” too. A lot of people do, but I wouldn’t want to live that life.

End of song.