Ryan Carmelo Briones

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Introducing Rethink Columbus August 12, 2008

As a programmer, I've been able to accomplish a lot of things by sheer effort alone. Working in this age, whenever a brick wall problem comes along, we're usually able to brute force it with a well-crafted Google search. These situations allow us to learn some things; they expose things about the language/platform that we didn't previously know (syntax/grammar) and sometimes they represent idioms of the language we're working with. But programmers cannot live by effort alone. It's time to refactor our minds.

Welcome to Rethink Columbus. The goals of this group are simple

Rethink Columbus is intended to be a gathering place for open-minded individuals who are interested in honing their skills as software craftsman. Rethink Columbus is also part lab space. It gives us the opportunity to play with languages, platforms and concepts that we might not be able to fit, or maybe don't want to fit, into the daily 9-5. The fun part is the journey. Think of it like a cruise:

I think that about does it. If you're interested, sign up for the mailing list at Google Groups and stay tuned to the website. If people are as excited as I am, maybe drinks would be in order? We'll see what happens. Thanks for listening.