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RailsConf, a recap...ish June 12, 2007

Well, I was trying to do the "cool" thing and blog from the conference I was at, but that didn't work to well. It'll just be easier to blog about it when I get back or when I'm in the airport or something. Apparently that was a no go either. So here I am, two weeks later. I have new things I want to post about, but I don't want to just leave it at what I put before. So, the shortened version:

  • Quality of Speakers - Of what I saw, probably 90% were pretty bad speakers. There were some standouts, for sure. Robert Martin. James Adam. The Keynotes were good. DDH. Avi Bryant. Ze Frank was hilarious.

  • Content of the Sessions - One of the things I was REALLY interested in was web application/desktop application hybrids. Apollo and sessions added on late, XUL and Slingshot. They all pretty much disappointed. Apollo, WAY too much funky code for a simple web app. XUL, not bad. Could look into them more. Can't remember what I didn't like. Slingshot, very alpha and kind of a weak concept. On top of that, I dumped some of the sessions that generated the most after-talk for other things or just plain old brain-rot.

  • Overall Experience - Good. Portland was very nice. A little rainy, but the parts of the city I saw were great. The Saturday Market, which was also open on Sunday, was great! I got stuffed in 5 difference countries! Public transportation was a dream.

Would I do it again? Not unless somebody paid for it. Also, if I had to go to a conference that was more than $200 and not local, I would only go to generic conferences, like OSCON, the Open Source Conference. Diversity. I find it a bit hard to justify going to a conference on one technology, a very specific one at that, when I'm more of a tool for the job guy, as opposed to working for a company that's Rails specific.

So that's my RailsConf experience in a nutshell.