Ryan Carmelo Briones

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RailsConf2007, the beginning May 18, 2007

Our story begins as our heroes Ryan and Stephanie come back from a 12 hour drive from Florida, nearly missing the grasp of the voracious smoke from various fires throughout Florida and Georgia...

That was 10:30pm or so Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday went by very quickly. Tuesday afternoon we took Daisy to the boarding facility. It was nice, but sad. After a long night, I stayed up all night, we left at 2:30am to drive to Indianapolis to catch our 6am flight.

Fast forward. Flights went good. No real problems. We knew we had to take the MAX light rail Red Line to the Convention Center stop, but when we got here, somehow it seemed A LOT more complicated. Eventually we figured it out. The rest of the crew got in anywhere between 2:30pm and 6:00pm. Weee. Dinner at Red Robin.

Day 0 at RailsConf2007, which begins at 5:45am PST, was tutorials day. Two 3-hour long "classes" seperated by a lunch break. Not so good. I'm sorry Thomas Fuchs, you're an amazing developer, but the tutorial was not good. His was about Prototype and script.aculo.us. David A. Black teaching "Rails Routing Roundup" was definitely more animated, but I don't feel like I learned anything that wasn't in the docs. Just re-enforced some stuff. Dinner at Kells Irish Pub, microbrew beer and some weird BLTC sandwich; WALK back to the hotel. bleh. Stayed up a bit late and coded.

Denise asked me at Kells "If you were to leave today, would you feel good about the conference?" Answer: no. Meeting some cool people though. A guy named Harmon, who happens to be from ATL. Great backdrop in Portland. Good weather so far.

That was a lot to write. More tomorrow.